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Friday, July 1, 2011

Dining Room Update

The table I told you about last week arrived and I love it. It is positively ginormous with the leaf in but I think the room can handle it. I think it will seat about 10-12 people comfortably.

Room Before:


These are the two chairs that we have. Although MrDrama doesn't like them with the table, I think they could be cute reupholstered, but we will see. For now, those are the only two chairs we have in there.

Can't forget my Pittsburgh roots. I got this poster from some dear friends as a going away present when we moved to Nashville. I need to find something Nashville-y to balance it out. Maybe something from the Spirit of Nashville series.

The new home for our hutch that I made over last year. It holds some of our extra serving dishes. And the hutch may or may not be holding my sister's cake pedestal hostage.

Now that you see all of the dining room together (minus the chairs) what do you think? Chime in!

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