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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waiting for Cameron (My Ethan Allen Table)

I am waiting for this Cameron Trestle table from Ethan Allen to arrive this afternoon and I can't wait! It's our last piece of major furniture to be delivered and I am thrilled to not be hemorrhaging any more paychecks on furniture. However, I am still not sure what chairs to get for the dining room. If you remember, here is what our dining room looks like.

We do have a couple of old upholstered chairs for the head and foot of the table, but we need chairs for the sides as well. I don't want to break the bank on the chairs (hoping for about $50-$75 per chair, or cheaper if possible!), especially since we will need about eight of them. I am thinking I may need a trip to a flea market or antique store to find some. I think I would love any of these styles.

Which of these styles do you like the best? Considering that I still haven't gotten a chair for the Kid's desk, I'm not holding out much hope for a quick purchase on these. Chime in with your thoughts!

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