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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Red Porch

The screened-in porch is one of my favorite things about our house. Nashville was invaded by cicadas earlier in the spring and between those and the mosquitoes, the porch is a favorite hangout for our family. It has also become a favorite place to hang out with friends as well. A cool breeze, a glass of wine or iced tea and some candles are all you need back there.

We used a leftover pieces from the house and weather resistant items back here, since I didn't want to worry about things that are exposed to the elements. That rug was going to be Craigslisted, but I decided against it since the pops of red in the carpet go with the other red accents in the porch.

Vintage star that I got at Three French Hens in Nolensville, TN (just south of Nashville). I spray painted it red to go with the other red accessories on the porch.

These wicker chairs are from Home Goods, as are the red striped cushions and table. The red tray is a Target holiday clearance item.

I love having fresh hydrangeas behind my house. So pretty.

This table had been my coffee table since med school. It was too small for use inside, so I booted it outside, where the scale works much better. I got it for $20 year ago from another student who was graduating. The vintage Pepsi crate is from Pottery Barn. It is perfect for holding utensils, drinking glasses or flowers.

I have similar clusters of candles IKEA candles in a mishmash of mason jars and vasesscattered around the porch. A great use of leftover wedding candles. However, I need to figure out what to use this corner and little wrought iron shelf thingy for. Maybe some plants? An outdoor serving station?

The rocking chair, generously left behind by the previous owners.

Basket o' fun. I originally bought this basket at Home Goods and didn't realize that it smells like wet feet. It got moved outside and now holds our soccer stuff, water guns, bug spray and sunscreen.

So that's my porch. I will try and get some decent nighttime candlelit pictures soon.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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