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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Front Closet Alternatives

Remember how a long time ago, I lamented that we didn't have a front closet? Well, we found a solution. Apparently it is fairly common problem in really old and really new homes as well as many apartments/condos to not have a front closet at all. We actually didn't even notice that our home didn't have one until we were well into the negotiations and quite frankly, it wasn't a hill I was willing to die on, you know?

We had been used to using the front closet for storing things like extra light bulbs, batteries, rolls of tape, winter scarves and hats, board games, etc. While some of those things have been relegated to the laundry room, there was still a lack of a place to hang coats - unless you count throwing them over kitchen chairs a solution.

Before: This was an unused nook on the first floor. I installed the row of hooks after we moved in. I actually though of uninstalling them to take a true before picture, then I realized that was crazy talk.

After: In addition to the wall hooks, I purchased a storage bench (for larger board games and blankets) and hung some pictures we already had to dress up the area.

Alternate view of our new "front closet".

Wall Hooks: Wal-Mart
Storage Bench: Target
Picture Frames: Pottery Barn from years ago
Orange coat: Banana Republic
Kids' trench: Old Navy
Scarf: Cocomae.com

This just goes to show you what a difference a few simple items can do to make your entryway a little more organized. I still feel like the corner needs a little something, like a vintage sign or a chalkboard, but for now, it is quite functional.

What about you? Are there any entryway dilemmas that you have had to overcome? Please share!

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