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Monday, April 25, 2011

Planning Furniture for the New House: Ethan Allen

One of the things we had budgeted for when we purchased the new house was some furniture. Although we had a lot of things already from our old house and stuff sitting in storage, the square footage in this sucker made it necessary to get some new things.

Oh what a shame. Hee-hee.

My best friends have been Ethan Allen, thrift stores and Finder's Keepers (a local furniture consignment store). Ethan Allen was a no-brainer for us. They have great service, custom furniture - albeit sometimes crazy expensive - and great craftsmanship. Our list from Ethan Allen includes the following (being delivered as they are made):
  • Coffee table for living room
  • Nightstands for the master
  • A sectional sofa for the living room
  • End chair for living room
  • End tables and console for guest bedroom
  • Ottoman for family room
Here is the most recent delivery that arrived this week. I am in love with these nesting coffee tables. These will be great for playing games, propping your feet up or doubling as seating.

Don't worry, that rug will be finding a new home in MrDrama's office. I am on the lookout for something more muted in color (think cream and slate blue and greys in a more abstract pattern) and definitely much larger (at least 8'x10').

My other recent find (on the other end of the budget) has been a local furniture consignment store that a friend led me to, called Finder's Keepers. I had never shopped at consignment store, but it is a brilliant way to get quality pieces for CHEAP! Often you can score brand new pieces that are overstock from furniture showrooms, like these bar stools that I got for under $50 each. Considering that bar stools like these tend to run about $100-$200 each in regular stores, I feel like I got a steal on these.

What do you think? How do you mix high and low in your home for your furniture?

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