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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Michelle Branch at Blissdom - Holla!

If you scroll through the #blissdom on Twitter, you will have plenty of posts about the wrap-ups of the conference, comparing it to everything from sorority rush to a giant sleepover to a sketchy scene with the tractor convention guys. For me though, the highlight was listening to Michelle Branch play guitar on Thursday night. She was the whole reason I picked up a guitar again back in med school and started writing my own music for a few years. I don't exaggerate when I say I was completely geeking out.

And the best part? During  solo rendition of the Wreckers' song of "Leave the Pieces When You Go" (which is meant to be a duet) she heard me singing harmony (probably a little loudly) and she complimented me.

I wuz ded.

And even better, she Tweeted:

 I could have a future as a backup session singer, no? I do bar mitzvahs and birthday parties...

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