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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

House Updates: Getting Close!

So we are in the home stretch for the new house. Utilities are connected, cleaners are scheduled to clean the floors and we are stalking the house like a crazy ex-girlfriend. All we have left is the home inspection and handing over the check to the sellers. 

Patience, DrDrama, patience.

Here's a sneak peak of the ceiling of the foyer. And that yellow color will definitely be going. 

Not sure how all of this is going to work out, since we have about 12 days between now and when we are supposed to be out of our current rental. Nope, not stressed about that at all. In the meantime, we have started packing up and I have started picking out paint colors and measuring. And maybe sneaking into the new house to turn on the gas fireplace and stare at the seductive flames. And fondle lovingly caress the granite countertops in the kitchen. Just maybe.

Here is a bit of decorating inspiration for the day to calm my real estate anxieties.

I love the textured wallpaper and the round table with nailhead-trim chairs. And gimme those curtains!

Can you tell I am obsessed with the round table and the IKEA chairs?

I will learn how to sew a slip cover, darn it!

What about you? What things do you dream of for your home?

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