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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Five Minute Fashion Fix: A Lesson in Layering

The next post in the week-long Five Minute Fashion Fix Series is also uses a t-shirt and leggings as the foundation of the outfit. A reminder, if you will.

First I add on a sheath style sweater dress from the Banana Republic Factory store.

Outfit? Sort of meh. It's not bad, just not a winner yet.

But when you add a wide black belt (a miracle worker in your wardrobe, trust me)...

All of a sudden, you go from having a "food baby" to having a waist. 

Top it off with a beaded necklace and...

Tada! A Five Minute Fashion Fix to the rescue for my plain black leggings.

Chime in! How would this work for all of you busy people out there? Any way you would tweak it?

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