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Monday, February 7, 2011

Five Minute Fashion Fix: Leggings and Tunic

I am starting a week-long series called "Five Minute Fashion Fix". Many of you are busy working women or stay at home mothers with multiple children (or both!), just trying to make it through the day without throttling your co-workers or sending your children to live with gypsies. It can be all we do sometimes to even get out of our sweatpants when we're home. Because let's face it, "yoga pants" is just a fancy name for sweatpants...

This weekend, I put out a call on my personal Facebook page (check out my fan page here) asking what the typical weekday outfit for a stay at home mom would be. After a day of chasing after kids, managing a home or running a business from home, it's hard to put yourself on the list. The overwhelming response for clothing choices was "jeans/sweats and a t-shirt/tank top/cardigan with flats or comfortable shoes".

This "Five Minute Fashion Fix" series aims to be:
  • Fast (under five minutes)
  • Easy for multiple body types (I've got a real body with lumps and bumps and everything).
  • Do-able with what you have in your closet already - or if not, will be a great addition!
  • Comfortable (no heels, as much as it pains me)
I will be building today's outfit around a plain black tee and black leggings. I assume that most women have these (or something similar) in their closet already.

Cole Haan flats (find similar ones at Target, Payless)

This is my real body, no Spanx, no sucking it in (maybe a little). Real hips, people.

 Let's just say that doing a fashion post while you are gorging yourself on Super Bowl 
food is not wise (if I wasn't sucking in my belly, I would look about 4-5 months pregnant). Not pretty.

Anyhow, my Five Minute Fashion Fix for leggings and a plain tee is adding tunic top and chain necklace.

CAbi tunic (fall 2010)
Banana Republic necklace (similar finds at Forever 21 and H&M)

Or if you are feeling crazy, add some animal print flats from Target.

What do you think? Is this an easy/stylish outfit to throw on for a busy morning of running errands?

Tune in tomorrow for another way to work the leggings and t-shirt!

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