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Monday, January 17, 2011

Stripes for Spring

It is hard to think of spring wardrobes when snow is still on the ground, but I hate winter and I need something to look forward too. I went to Ann Taylor's site and LOVED the opening image from a few weeks ago.

I am recently slightly obsessed with stripes and I am seriously crushing on that striped dress as well as the striped blue and red top (which unfortunately both seem to be sold out online - check your stores!). Très français et nautique, non?

Here is how I have done stripes recently.

J.Crew shirt
F21 pin
7FAM jeans

Martin and Osa shirt
H&M belt
Banana Republic skirt (I think) and shoes

Gap cardigan
J.Crew t-shirt, pants and belt
Cole Haan wedges

What about you? Are stripes a possibility for your wardrobe this spring or are you going to avoid them like the plague?

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