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Friday, October 15, 2010

Library Time

My daughter and I played hooky from preschool last week to go to get her first library card at the Nashville Public Library. I am and always will be a book nerd. I used to read encyclopedias and the dictionary when I was little. I was best friends with every librarian in every school I attended (they would let me check out extra books and give me old copies of Seventeen and YM). I love the smell of old books. Shoot, I'm Facebook friends with my childhood librarian. As much as I love bookstores, I could wander around a library for hours and be perfectly happy.

She just started reading a little, so I got her a special bag for her books at the Type A Mom Conference from CrankyPants' booth.

 GapKids Blazer
Target Tee
Old Navy Skirt
Consignment sale tights and boots

If any Nashvillians remember the old hole of a library, the new one is so much better! It is an absolute dream and reminds me of my favorite library, the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, PA. It is everything a trip to get your first library card should be. Big marble staircases, soaring ceilings, glass atria... elevator buttons (hey, she's three - she doesn't appreciate the architecture yet!).

 The first library card

 Knowing is half the battle (just like G.I. Joe said). I believe the Kid is giving a homeless guy the side eye...

Decisions, decisions...

Only slightly creepy puppets

We ended our trip with an early lunch at Provence Breads. They have a small bistro attached to the library and I had a ham and cheese panini with tomato basil soup whilst the Kid ate half a chocolate croissant, fruit and milk.

The only bummer about the trip was that now everything is checked out with a self-scanner, so there is less human interaction with the librarians now. I sort of miss the book banter that I remember as a child. However, it was a successful trip to the library and if you are ever in the area, check the Nashville Public Library out!

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