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Monday, September 27, 2010

Type A Mom

I went to the Type A Mom conference this past weekend in Asheville, NC.  On the surface would look like a typical "mommy blogger" event, but this was much more. It was like being a freshman in college again, but with a legal ID and far more wordly responsibility and perspective. I am completely exhausted from the late nights, intense (and silly) conversations, thinking outside of the box and wine general hubbub of the weekend. I have so much to say as a newbie to the whole "social media" thing. I'll get to it eventually.

However, real life reared its ugly head when I got to work and I spent part of my morning cleaning up puke from the floor of my office. It's not all J.Crew and vintage jewelry. My job is so glamorous...

I promise to get back to blogging tomorrow! Hello to all of my new bloggy friends. You all rock!

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