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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking - Fall Boots

One of the things (I"m a fashion dork) I was looking forward to seeing at the conference I went to this past weekend was the boots that people would wear. There is that line in a John Mellencamp song, Wild Nights, that goes, "all the girls go out, dressed up for each other...". So true, so true.

Let me explain. It has been over 90 degrees in Nashville pretty much every day for the past two months. As much as I love hot weather and hate winter, I have been craving slightly cooler temps (75 degrees, anyone?) so that I could have an excuse to wear my boots that I haven't had on since May. These ladies threw down in a major way.

BTW, if these are your boots and you have the information for them (store where purchased and your blog website) please email me at drbabymamadrama@gmail.com.

 I think these are CharmedValerie's boots. Flat heel, cognac color.

 Loving the butterscotch color on these


 From my roommate, Colorado Moms (I always love a nice kitten heel)

 My flat boots with distressed leather.

I got a lot of people stopping me to tell me they loved these. Purchased at DSW. Woohoo! Are you excited for boot weather?

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