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Thursday, August 12, 2010

(Sorta) New Fall Arrivals at J.Crew

As part of my reconnaissance for the J.Crew shopping event I have coming up, I stopped by my local B&M to scope out the new fall arrivals.

As a word of advice, don't forget to wear a bra when trying on clothes for your blog. My sundress that I wore had a lot of smocking and it is HAWT here, hence the wardrobe adjustment. There was a lot of creative posing and photoshopping for this post. Just saying.

Pros: good fit, relatively TTS, size 6.
(Similar sizing to the stardust skirt from last year)
Cons: Very snaggy, if that is a word. I am not sure if this was an issue with the skirt being worn multiple times, but it snagged on everything.
Final Verdict: No. I prefer the color of my Stardust Pencil skirt and this skirt was a little too short.

Can' find the name of this blouse. (Maybe Calista Cami?)

Fit: TTS, my typical size 6 for tops.
Also worn by: Audreybella
Cons: do you really need another ruffled top from J.Crew?
Pros: I love this top and the color. If you missed out the Victoria Cami, this a great alternative without all of the volume of the Frances or Kelsey.
Verdict: Yes. I don't have a cami in this color and I love grey for the fall!

Fit: TTS, size 8 for dresses.
Cons: I don't need another dress right now.
Pros: I love this print and would totally go for it with a cardigan and studded belt for the fall.
Verdict: Maybe. Depends on what else comes out in the next few weeks...

Anything you have had your eye on?

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