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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway Week Winners!!!

First of all, HOLY COW, y'all! I haven't had to do this much math since AP Calculus with Mr. Kenney (the best damned teacher that ever lived). What an overwhelming response for my birthday week giveaways! And between that at the crazy insane number of people who sent birthday wishes via Twitter and Facebook, muchas smooches! It's a good thing I went mostly unplugged during vacation or else all of the pinging of my email inbox would have made me crazy.

I feel validated by social media.

*hanging head in shame*
Without further ado (and with the assistance of Random.org)...

Winner of the Bigelow giveaway is Erin, who said, "What an awesome week! I am a follower and my favorite skin cream has got to be Kiehls. Thanks!"  

I love Kiehl's products too, especially their lip balms.

Winner of the Zumba giveaway was Dawnandjoseph, who said, "I've never tried Zumba, but heard lots about it. I'm sure I'd look like a fool if I went to class. ;) I personally make myself walk on my breaks at work and go to yoga twice a week."

I love that you are incorporating a little activity into your daily routine. Awesome.

Winner of the cooking tools giveaway is Tristar Design, who said,"I'd love the pastry brush. I bake and it's perfect for spreading melted butter...yum!". 

You get to take home all three!

Winner of the Moody Mamas giveaway is Gigi (of Gigi's Gone shopping), who is a fashion blogger. She said, "[Never tell a pregnant woman] 'look at you -- so fat.'" These were some of my favorite answers. I will admit to having made a couple of these gaffes pre-pregnancy.

Winner of the Uganda necklace and J.Crew gift card giveaway is one of my oldest friends, college roommate Jenny Chang (unless there is another Jenny Chang who reads my blog, in which case, I apologize), who said, "Vuvuzelas sounds downright dirty to me! Pretty much like another word for a lady's "virginia." Also, I'm totally a follower of your blog!!". LOL!

Please email me at drbabymamadrama at gmail dot com to go about claiming your prize. If I don't hear back in 48 hours, I will contact another person on the list!

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