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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach Trip 2010 OOTD Rundown

You just know it is going to be a good week when your view from your rooms every morning looks like this.

We were supposed to go to the Gulf Coast for last weekend's vacation, but because of the oil spill, our travel plans took us to North Myrtle Beach instead and we avoided pesky little Tropical Storm Bonnie as well. Biggest decisions all week were, "pool or beach?" and "red wine or white wine?". Life is hard sometimes ;-)

The weather was perfection the entire time (for me), with temps in the 90's every day.

Here are some sample outfits taken in our hotel that HAD NO FULL LENGTH MIRRORS! (cue a flock of doves flying away, John Woo style). I had to recreate some of these outfits at home.

 J.Crew Halter (similar here) and Briefs (here)
Banana Republic Outlet cover up

J.Crew coverup
Old Navy bathing suit (halter and briefs)

Banana Republic Necklace
J.Crew pearl studs
H&M sundress
(outfit for dinner out - roomy enough to eat a lot!)

CoCoMae earrings
Ann Taylor LOFT top
J.Crew white denim jeans

Don't you love depending on the kindness of strangers that take random family pictures for you?

It was a great week!

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