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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Errands Outfit

This barely qualifies as fashion and is slightly reminiscent of what I wore in college 99% of the time (I was one of the few Vandy coeds NOT wearing black "going out" pants and black platform sandals to class).

This picture also reminds me that I really need to clean the mirrors in our house, since most of the mirrors and windows have fingerprints of a certain three foot tall person. Such is life.

J.Crew Marrakesh tee
7FAM "A" pocket jeans
J.Crew Capri sandals
OPI Polish Give Me the Moon

I wore this going out to the farmer's market last weekend (I think wore this...99% sure I may have...), where I ran into Beth from Eat.Drink.Smile. She identified me via the Kid, who has more pictures on this blog than I do!

More farmer's market fun tomorrow...

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