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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nashville Farmer's Market

One of the things that I love the most about summertime is the abundance of fresh foods, especially the produce. Since moving from Pittsburgh I miss the Strip District immensely. For non-Burghers, the Strip is not a seedy red light district. Rather, it is a stretch of stores and stands near downtown that has great fresh produce, cheeses from all over, seafood, meat, international stores, etc. 

Nashville doesn't quite have a similar thing, especially since damage from the May Day flood STILL has parts of the indoor food court shut down for the foreseeable future. You sort of have to drive to get your fresh food in one place and your Italian food in another. However, there is no shortage of great fresh produce here and our recent trip to the Nashville Farmer's Market was a perfect example.

Cherry tomatoes, perfect raw or with a sprinkle of sea salt and balsamic vinegar

Peaches that I would either use in a shortcake or smoothies

Pale green Zucchini

Squash (which the Kid actually eats!)

Zucchini, which the Kid pretends is laced with arsenic, given her reaction to tasting ANYTHING green.

I swear my child doesn't just eat beige food! Only sometimes on days that end in "y".

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