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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Taste of Chicago

We just got back from a weekend visiting some friends as well as my parents in their new hometown, Chicago.  I will always bleed black and gold, but Chicago is such a great city to visit, especially in the summer. I love the architecture.

We went to Taste of Chicago, a festival that goes through all of the major Chicago attractions, with the main venue being in Grant Park. They had all sorts of food vendors and we sampled everything from shrimp skewers to fried ravioli and homemade potato chips.

I know I am officially old, because I spent the majority of my time mentally telling people to pull their pants up (nobody wants to see your boxers, son) and cringing at what the girls were wearing (your mama lets you out of the house like that?). I may have already preemptively threatened my three year old daughter with military school if she ever dresses the way some of these *ahem* ladies were dressed.

Us in Millenium Park.

The big aluminum kidney bean shaped thing in the park. I was practicing my nighttime photography skills. All about the shutter speed...

This night skyline shot of some buildings on Michigan Avenue is my favorite.

I have been in Chicago in the dead of winter and in the summer and I will say that summer is infinitely preferable to subzero windchill factors.

One of the bas-relief (I wasn't an art history minor for nothing) sculptures on the bridge across Wacker Drive.

There were even kayakers going up and down the river at 10:45 pm. Gotta love big cities. Except for the traffic. Which made me want to hurt myself.

My parents live a stone's throw away from AWESOME shopping, so there are some clothing finds coming up this week!

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