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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jewelry Swap, Part 2: The Swap

After the food comes the fun part of the evening. The actual swap. Each person was instructed to bring about 4-6 pieces of jewelry to swap (a few had none, some had 10 pieces - so it all evened out). People also brought small accessories like purses and perfume and scarves, etc.

I had previously punched out numbers for people to draw from a bowl. We ended up having 15 people which was a perfect number to have. Enough to make it interesting and have a good selection without so many that it takes forever to get to your turn.

The loot. Seriously, there was a LOT of jewelry.
Lighted mirror for trying on jewelry

 Kelly conveniently had a lot of stuff to display jewelry (love the corkboards + pushpins for the necklaces)

Kelly's sister had made these with picture frames and decorative screen from a home store. Perfect for displaying earrings.

More display for pierced earrings

A guest selecting her jewelry

There may have been some heckling involved as people took jewelry that other people had their eye on.

To speed things along, we had people pick 3 items in round 1 and then drew numbers again to pick 2 items in round 2 and then 1 item in round 3. By the time round 3 came along, all of the good stuff was pretty picked over. We donated whatever was left over (which was still a LOT) to Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that provides professional clothing and accessories to low-income women who are going into the workforce.

The swap was a GREAT way to get rid of some jewelry that doesn't work for you and to see friends try on stuff that was outside of their usual style. It was awesome to have no pressure and no monetary repercussions for getting some new jewelry. I love the stuff that I got and we were throwing around the idea of doing a similar thing in the future with home decor (lamps, rugs, vases, etc.), books or clothing.  
Many thanks to my awesome co-hosts (and especially for some good late night conversation after the party).

Here are my co-hostesses (from L to R: Dee, Kelly, DrDrama)

I have another party in the works for later in the summer so stay tuned (still hammering out the details)!

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