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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mocha Rose May Day Grand Re-Opening

While Nashville was being deluged this weekend, I was watching from afar in Pittsburgh, PA. One of my friends (we met via the Knot, remember that?) from pre-wedding days was having a grand re-opening of her floral design studio back in the 'Burgh and I was able to meet up with some friends at the cocktail party.

Stop by her website if you know a Pittsburgh bride or planning a fancy party. She rocks.

I love me some hydrangeas somethin' fierce. Mmmmhmmm...

More hydrangeas and orchids.

These silver chargers sort of look like the cross-section of a tree.

Ranunculus, sweet peas, roses...

I love this as a dramatic centerpiece.

The Ghost chairs are such a big trend right now.

 Two thumbs up on the outfit to my friend Mae, who is one tall drink of water (I've always wanted to say that). And she ran the Pittsburgh Marathon the next day! She is so friggin' gorgeous you just want to kick her (I promised I would embarrass her).

Part of my lovely Pittsburgh crew. I am wearing the now ubiquitous J.Crew woven belt, Gap Merino cardigan and one of those embossed cotton J.Crew beach dresses and a ridiculous grin. That was second glass of wine talking.


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