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Monday, April 26, 2010

White + Cognac (a nod to FFM!)

When Fabulous Florida Mommy posted this Polyvore last week, I was scrolling through my Google Reader thinking absently on what to wear to work that day. I thought that the pairing of white and cognac was a brilliant springtime palette.  I love all of her Polyvores and this one definitely jumped out as a do-able one. I hadn't thought to ever wear all white to work (trust me, with my job, you learn to dodge bodily fluids really fast). But I figured that in the worst case scenario...Oxiclean.  There is a reason that I give that stuff to every single new parent I know in their baby shower gift.

Here is what I wore to work last Friday.

Shirt: J.Crew Perfect 3/4 length shirt
Jeans: J.Crew City Fit Jeans (Summer '08)
Belt: J.Crew Woven Leather belt
Shoes: Nine West from six or seven years ago, as evidenced by the uber-pointy toe (these babies have been resoled about 3 times!)

J.Crewlet starfish earrings 

I got some props from the pre-K set at the Kid's preschool on my earrings. Gotta love it when four year old girls compliment you :-)

Since my office is ALWAYS freezing, I added a tan merino cardigan from the Gap. I would have worn a Snuggie but I would rather not look like a Jedi.

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