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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The March of the Church Ladies

One of the awesome things about being in the South is what a friend of mine calls "The March of the Church Ladies".  Like the March of the Penguins, this is a well-orchestrated, planned and coordinated mission.  Instead of freezing your behind off in Antarctica, the March of the Church ladies centers around when a woman has a baby.

I miss old school SNL.

First: You have a get pregnant/plan to adopt.

Second: Someone from the church who has been coordinating pre-baby arranges for meals to be brought to your home (depending on the preference of the receiver) for up to two MONTHS (depending on the church)!

Third: Have a baby.

Fourth: The March begins. Four or five times a week for up to two months, someone from will show up at your door with a fresh homemade meal and probably a cute present for the babe. Eat lots of yummy Southern food that you don't have to make and roll your eyes at your husband who is glad he isn't eating frozen pizza or PB&J sandwiches anymore.

I would almost have another kid right now just to witness this firsthand. 


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