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Monday, April 19, 2010

K.I.S.S. - J.Crew basic white tee + Reva review

Sometimes simpler is better. With all of the fun ruffles and flounces that J.Crew does, the one item that I own more than anything is their basic tee. They have a zillion versions of it (crewneck, v-neck, scoop neck, half sleeve, long sleeve). They are such a great basic and generally good quality. I snagged a couple of these tees when they were on sale a few weeks ago and I have to say that this short sleeve scoop neck style may be my favorite cut of all. This is an easy style for anyone to wear and is a classic. I *think* I have a long torso, so I appreciate any brand that cuts their tees long.

Jeans: 7FAM bootcuts
Flats: black Tory Burch Revas

I sort of have a "greaser" look going on, now that I think of it. 

My new Revas!  I always wondered what the huge fuss was about these shoes (which I got on discount).  They are a bit snooty-patooty, I know. But they are even more comfortable than my tennis shoes and way more stylish. That Tory knows how to make a quality product.  Not sure if I would pay full price, but they are a nice addition to my arsenal of black flats.

ETA: I got these in a 9.5. My normal shoe size is a 9 in J.Crew and most other brands. They definitely needed some breaking in (I apparently have long toes and certain brands of flats fit me weird), but now they are very comfortable

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