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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jewelry Swap and Teaser #1

So I needed something to do with my free time (I swear I am lazy, but I am more tolerable when I have a project). A couple girlfriends and I threw around the idea of doing a jewelry swap with other young women (who have cute jewelry).  This is the first time in a while that I am doing a joint party, so it is pretty awesome to have some other creative minds to help with the brainstorming!

Teaser #1:

I got the original ideas for the swap from these two blogs, Stephmodo and P is for Party (who I adore and think is a brilliant hostess). Check them out for inspiration.  The basic idea is that you bring a few items your jewelry/accessories that you no longer use but are still cute and swap them with other participants in a sort of silent auction style.

I think.

We still need to work out the logistics. Everyone brings and appetizer to share and the hosts are providing desserts and drinks.  It's a fun way to get rid of your unused jewelry and pick up some new stuff.  I am psyched for this one!

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