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Friday, February 12, 2010

Under Construction - Blog Spring Cleaning version 2.0

So even though I didn't go to Blissdom, I feel like I have lived vicariously through people who did.  One thing about visiting other people's blogs is that it makes you want to step up your game a little.  There are some seriously cute and professional-looking blogs out there!  I have no intention to start blogging more (I am lucky to do about 3-4 posts a week) because frankly my dears, life is too busy for me with the whole wife, mom, doctor, lady of leisure, etc. thing.   But I am planning on spending the weekend sprucing some things up around here, so stay tuned.  I just realized that I did this last year, too.  Annual tradition, maybe?

Anyway, Blogger has some new features that is making it more user friendly (like Wordpress already is - but I am too lazy to make a huge move to another hosting domain).  So if your Google Reader seems like it is freaking out with my feed or I seem to be posting spaz, I am just reorganizing, so ignore it!

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