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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Superhero Cape

I was reading my friend's blog the other morning and saw pictures of her son wearing a cape that his Nana made for him - a cape that was inspired by another friend's craftiness.  I then realized that I totally forgot to post pictures of the glorified Christmas tree skirt super hero cape that I made for the Kid a few months back.  I had posted the images on Facebook but forgot to post them here.  I get confused, sometimes.

Laying out the pattern

(Missing picture - me yelling at the sewing machine and the bobbin winder)

Finished product
Don't look too closely at the wonky sewing on this cape.  It looks like it was sewn in the dark.  Note to self - do not attempt to sew a million little polka dot circles onto a cape when it is our first sewing project since 8th grade home ec.  There may have been a few un-Christian words spoken during the process.  Straight lines = WIN.  Curved lines = FAIL.  Anyway, the Kid didn't care and she runs all around the house wearing it.

I think I need a cape.

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