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Monday, January 11, 2010

Real Love

This was a crazy weekend.  I was on call and it was just about the best call weekend ever, since the snow and ice and subzero wind chill factor - in Nashville! - on Saturday kept all but 8 patients home (we normally average about 40-45 patients on a typical Saturday).  I only had 2 patients each day to round on at the hospital, meaning that I didn't have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to see people.  From that standpoint, things were awesome.

On a personal level, while the Drama household is doing okay, we have had a lot of medical issues in our extended family (multiple miscarriages, sudden deaths, strokes...the list goes on...) within a very short span of a few weeks.  I was struck by the contrast between life and death this weekend when I had just left the bedside of an absolutely precious little 12-hour old girl who was fresh to this world and met a man in the elevator whose 40-ish year old daughter was at that moment dying of cancer.  I love what I do because it reminds me of how full and wonderful, yet how transient life is.  I have stood at the bedside when new life enters and babies breathe for the first time and have been there when someone dies either suddenly or after a long illness.

What's the point? I been impressed with a few things recently.

*Call your parents and tell them you love them. 

*Hug your kids, significant other, pets, whatever because they are what really matter.
*Being silly is far more important than being cool.  
*If you know someone struggling with infertility, shut up and just be there.

*Be generous with your time, money and your love. 

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