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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reasons # 2,439 and #2,440 why it's good to be a girl

I do think that women get the short end of stick because we have to deal with Aunt Flo, post-baby weight gain, etc., but I will say that I LOVE having a daughter for one particular reason. She has inherited her mama's obsession with shoes. Here she is wearing my platform patent leather heels (aka, "The Tranny Shoes"), doing her best impression of Beyonce from the "Single Ladies" video.

Girlfriends - the other reason it is good to be a girl. There is something special about your friends from college. They are the ones who basically watched you grow up from a teenager into young adulthood. They know all about those unwise romances, awkward fashion choices and late night college drama. This picture is from my recent weekend with my three college BFFs. We get together at least once a year and this year were lucky to be able to include the extended families. We are all in different places in our lives, veteran mommies, new moms and young professionals, but each time we get together is like we never left each other.

"My friends are my estate." - Emily Dickinson


jen said...

I don't know...Finn likes to wear my heals and just yesterday we saw a grown man in open toed pumps purchasing another pair of heels higher than anything I've ever worn. For real.

Chloe said...


I mean, I'm not interested in having babies, but if it were guaranteed that I could have one as cute as yours to prance around in my heels, I'd definitely reconsider.

Alas, there are no guarantees in life. And since Hubby and I are two dweeby peas in a pod, the chances are nil and we'll stick to chihuahuas.

But still, that huge smile! And I just want to smoosh those cheeks. Love!

Life with Pog said...

My friends and I haven't made a Girls Weekend in 2 years. I'm officially making plans.
Your daughter is gorgeous. I am looking forward to the things Pog will do and say as she gets older. Your girl is just a year older than mine, so it's been fun to hear about her. :)

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