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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Midsummer Day's Photo Album

We have been inspired by some of her friends from afar and are now teaching the Kid to ride a tricycle. Gotta love the camouflage helmet that MrDrama picked out for her. These are the sorts of things that get bought when I send a man to the store alone. That and non-Charmin toilet paper. Seriously??!! Even if I send him with a list, we end up getting weird things we don't need, like canned hams, fishing tackle, etc... My life is too short to be using 1-ply high school grade tissue on my lady parts, TYVM! I digress.

Cute trike-riding pictures.

If you are wondering why I have my offspring dressed like a very pink version of Nanook of the North in subtropical Tennessee in July, I have an answer for you. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present Exhibit A - my mosquito bite ridden legs from my Friday. It ain't pretty. I swear, the mosquitoes here are the size of hummingbirds! Multiply the bites on my left leg by four limbs and you will know how much discomfort I was in.

So this happened because my cheap-o ways came back to bite me in the a$$ (it would happen eventually). I bought the inexpensive insect repellent from my local superstore, which promptly made me break out in hives for the FIRST. TIME. EVER. in my life. I was looking at the welts popping up on my skin, wondering, what the heck are those? Not with all of the stress of medical school or residency or the medical weirdness of pregnancy or with all of my seasonal allergies, have I had hives, ever. I washed my skin down (after popping a Zyrtec and ChlorTrimeton) and mistakenly went back outside and promptly had a gazillion bites the next day to tell the tale.

The Kid doing her "gardening".

The post-July 4th day care sing-along ice cream break.



Anna said...

So Dennis took Henry to get a bike helmet and said "Which one would you like?" and then Mr Feminist Husband FREAKED OUT when he went for a pink one. As a result, Henry's helmet is a plain blue.

Michelle said...

OMG, the camo is awesome!

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