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Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr. BabyMamaDrama

I love how all of my medical objectivity and over a decade of training go out of the window as soon as my own child gets sick. I am also realizing that I am one of those people who will tell you that teething never causes a fever but secretly believes that teething is the cause of the plague, swine flu and smallpox.

Here was the scenario this week:

Cue the Kid waking up several nights in a row, with a low grade temperature. On the most recent night, she has a temperature and also a nosebleed.

My immediate reaction: my child has leukemia and she is going to die from it. Or she has erlichiosis (yeah, I had to look that up - and of course it is prevalent in mid-TN) and she is going to die from it. I ignore the fact that she has been picking her nose (a habit we have been working on getting rid of) and that is the likely cause of her nosebleed. Such is the overactive imagination of a pediatrician. We tell you not to worry about things, then automatically assume that our child has the most rare disease on the planet.

It's all fun and games until you are home with a sick kid. Then you are testing their pee at home, checking their ears and telling them, "open your mouth...". Not so good at that part.


Emmy said...

It's good to know that regular moms aren't the only ones who have these irrational fears :) Hope she's feeling better soon! (oh and I am a firm believer that teething causes a low grade fever...it's happened too many times in our house to be a coincidence!!)

Anonymous said...

Haha...the same is true for nurses! I diagnose myself and my husband with everything ;) I hope she feels better!

val said...

Totally agree --- now I'm convinced everything iz swine flu. I actually had my husband go get a box of masks at one point last week. Oh yeah, the best part is 99 now is totally a fever when it's your own kid!


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