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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Five things I learned when organizing my kid's clothes (but would never admit)

1. I am obsessed with the color pink. There is no other good explanation for why any child who is not a pageant contestant should have 3 pairs of hot pink size 7 shoes (when she doesn't even wear size 7 shoes yet) and 5 pairs of hot pink pants in varying styles, ranging from above the knee capris, below the knee capris, leggings and sweatpants. I think I secretly am channeling my long-held inner desire to be part of Jem and the Holograms. I had the star earrings and everything.

2. My desire to "buy a year ahead" - meaning that I try to buy clothes for next year during the current season in an effort to spend less on clothing - sometimes will backfire. Especially if you forget about said clothing until it is almost too small for her. And have to hurry up and use them all within the next month. Just saying. It sort of reminds me of discovering that unopened shower gift for the 3-6 month clothing and praying that it still fits.

3. I am secretly hoping that my next child (not for another few years, so calm down) will be a girl, just so that all of these clothes don't go completely to waste. It would be a damn shame.

4. My child has almost as many bathing suits as I do, which is saying a lot.

5. White clothing for toddlers is a really stupid idea, but I keep buying it anyway. I mean, I either forget to sort them out properly in the laundry and accidentally dye them a muddled shade of blue or pink or they get stained within 0.23 milliseconds of being worn with chocolate cake or spaghetti sauce. I think those types of clothes only work in "Janie and Jack" or "Crewcuts" land or for people whose 2 year olds are NEVER messy (if you claim to be one of those people, come here so I can bop you upside the head like little bunny FooFoo).


Anna said...

If you are Jem, I want to be the redhead. Amber? Kimber?

Maria Egal said...

I totally love you for reminding me about Jem and the Holograms. Completely forgot about them. Now, I'm going to have to try and find myself some episodes on itunes and watch them. Love it. And, I love the fact you buy a year ahead. I did the same thing and OCCASIONALLY, I'll do it now, depending on the cost...but I stopped because I forgot about stuff. And now, Riley is so "snobby" about what she wears, if it is too baby-ish, she refuses to wear it. I mean, really...she's almost 7. Duh. LoL

Emmy said...

Well, Jem was truly outrageous, after all.

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