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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy days of spring

Objectives for today: absolutely nothing "productive", which is exactly how I like it. We have had the advantage of having sunny skies and 80-degree weather down here, so let SUMMER begin!

To-Do Item #1: Prepping veggies for dinner tonight
To-Do Item #2: Eating strawberries for breakfast
To-Do Item #3: Go to the zoo (yay!)
To-Do Item #4: Take a nap and have a glass of wine (not necessarily in that order)
To-Do Item #5: Wake up and make dinner.

On the menu - The Pioneer Woman's Pasta Primavera, Chicken Paillard (courtesy of Tyler Florence), and an apple-blueberry cobbler. Coutnting down to food coma...

To-Do Item #6: Maybe another glass of wine and then a date with the Kid playing with sidewalk chalk on the back patio.

Pics to follow...

1 comment:

Amanda said...

It was a great day for the zoo, we went too. Dinner sounds delish, what time are we eating?

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