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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A lazy day in pictures

My day began like this. Chopping lots of veggies for a killer primavera by Pioneer Woman.

It was soon followed by the breakfast of champions, being fresh strawberries and the nectar of the gods, aka...


Unfortunately, the middle part of my day was spent at the zoo. It wasn't unfortunate that we went to the zoo (although there are often unfortunate people and smells there). It was annoying, though that I forgot my camera at home (in typical DrDrama style) and was unable to document our excursion. However, we are now members of the Nashville Zoo, so we will be going back for repeat performances.

After a nap and a shower, I began getting things ready for our guests.

The start of a proper meal. Wine and fruit.

My blueberry-apple cobbler, pre-cobbler. It turned out pretty well. My only complaint was that the cobbler part was a little cake-y for me. Of course, I have no pictures of the finished products, since our guests arrived and the natives were immediately getting restless (aka the 2 year olds) as I took things out of the oven. I know, I know. I will do better next time. The aftermath can be seen below.

I have some of the pasta left over and I am glad for it. I think the recipe serves eight people very generously. Lunch for the rest of the week! There was no chicken paillard left over that I could take a picture of, which speaks for itself.

And now the rest of my day will look like this...



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