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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving updates

So here we are. What has happened in the past month or so?

-Move to Nashville...check!
-Start a new job...check!
-Start a new daycare...check!

We have been busy, hence the lack of blog posts. I will hopefully be updating our trials and tribulations of moving over the next few weeks.

Our move down here was perfect, with regard to weather; not so perfect with regard to our moving company. Long, painful story short, our movers got here 2 days after they said they would with all of our furniture mostly intact. It only required threatening legal action (aka: me texting my sister who is an attorney and whining) and a poor review on their website before the truck could make the 8.5 hour drive from Dayton, Ohio (where it was inexplicably stuck for 3 days) to Nashville. We ventured into our first foray of hiring people who spoke absolutely zero English to help us unload the truck (if the IRS could see me now).

Truck in hand, we proceeded to do the quickest unpacking that I have ever done in my life. An entire 4 bedroom house in 3 days, down to the drawers in the kitchen and assembly of furniture. It helped that this time I was unpacking I wasn't a) nine weeks postpartum and b) I could put the Kid in daycare while we were packing rather than having a a nursing newborn. The only problem we had was condensing the contents of a 2 story house into the 1 story rental home (very cute, but kinda small) from the 1950's with teeny, tiny Ooompa-Loompa sized closets. I have come to the realization that Imelda Marcos had nothing on me when it comes to shoes. Let's just say that our house that we buy next year will have ginormous closets and I wont have to store my shoes in the pantry with the onions and extra laundry detergent.

I am loving the weather down here. Here is a recent pic of the Kid modeling an early birthday present from the grandparents. It will be getting hot down here soon, so we will actually get to use it soon.

It is full on spring and I enjoy being able to relax in the backyard after work every day. Hate that early spring means early allergy season, but that's almost over. Stay tuned for pics of the house...

1 comment:

Our Family said...

Oh my goodness! She is getting so big!! Aw, I'm so glad your move went good enough and you're all settling in. I'm jealous you moved South!

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