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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random stuff I have pulled out of noses

As my time at my current job winds down, I thought I would post about the perils of foreign bodies in random orifices. Luckily, children usually have a humorous tale behind how and why things get up their noses, ears, etc. On the other hand, when teenagers have foreign bodies anywhere, usually is reminiscent of that guy from the "Appalachian ER" sketch on SNL - those foreign bodies tend to be cringeworthy (and another post for another day).

Demographics: typical patient is a male under 4 years of age. Girls do it too, just not as often. Anyone older than that usually gets the "you are old enough to know better" speech from me. For some reason, boys cannot resist the urge to stick things in very painful to remove places - a precursor to their love for movies like "Jackass".

Things I have removed from noses and ears:
-jellybeans (around Easter time) and other random candy
-goldfish crackers
-hairbeads (a personal favorite to remove, because the convenient hole in the middle makes it easy to get out)
-potato chips
-pumpkin seed (around Halloween)
-parts of an iPod earpiece
-Barbie shoes
-pieces of makeup applicators
-popcorn kernels and other pieces of food (carrots and peas seem to be popular)
-other various pieces of plastic that have been rendered unidentifiable by prolonged exposure to boogers

Their reasons for putting these things where I have to get them out varies from boredom, to seeing someone do it on TV to being double dared by a friend. Hey, whatever. It keeps me in business :-D


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

Interesting! So any advice on what to do when said objects get stuck up the kids' noses? (Other than head to the ER)? Or what not to do?

DrDrama said...

If you can see it easily, you can try a pair of tweezers to grab it. Otherwise, head to your friendly neighborhood pediatrician.

Amanda said...

Ah, brings back memories of the night when my sister put a screw up her nose. Thankfully my father was able to retrieve it himself.

K,S,M and R M said...

Barbie shoes made me laugh. :)

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