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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here are some belated requisite Christmas pictures. We had a low key Christmas this year where the only person in the family who got presents was the Kid. It made for a very stress-free holiday, and probably one of my favorites in recent history. I highly recommend it. This is the last year where the Kid won't really get all the hubbub, so we got her the things that she had been eyeing every time we made a Costco run in the past 2 months - a play kitchen and dolls. It is very 1950's of me, I know. I am all about the gender stereotyping...

"That is sooooo not my kid..."

It's like she's feeding a gerbil or something.

"What!? Is my refrigerator running? Whaddya mean, you want to speak to Amanda Huginkiss?""Who is this? Stop with the prank calls, already! I am trying to cook here!"

BTW, this play kitchen was seriously packaged by some OCD elves in the factory. In all my years of assembling DIY IKEA furniture and whatnot, I have never seen assembly instructions that were so perfectly labeled in all my life. Impressive.

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