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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Music City, USA - here we come!

(This is the famed "Batman Building" in downtown Nashville that I used to be able to see from my dorm room freshman year of college.)

For those who have been out of the loop, we are moving to Nashville in the spring (well it will be springtime down there, even if we are still in the dead of winter up here). It is a definite bittersweet transition. Career-wise, my husband and I both need to make this move to greener pastures. We have both gotten some pretty sweet job offers down there and I am pretty psyched to try something new. Unfortunately, moving makes me wish that there were certain things I could take along with us:

-my family: although they don't watch her full time or babysit all that often, it is going to be hard to a leave a set of grandparents behind. Especially ones who do their Nigerian version of Dance Dance Revolution that makes the Kid giggle with delight.

-my friends: I thought I would never find a group of friends after residency that I would be close to and make me laugh so hard, but you all know who you are and I will miss you (and your kids) terribly.

-my house: we have put a decent amount of labor into our home, so I hope whoever buys our house appreciates the brand new air conditioner!

-the Strip District: in particular, the "dear heart" lady from the cheese counter at the Macaroni Company.

-the Carnegie Library: I have waxed poetic about the my love for the interlibrary loan system before, so I will spare you the mushy emotions.

-IKEA and H&M: my love for Scandinavian furniture and fashion knows no bounds.

Once a 'Burgher, always a 'Burgher.


Dispatcher from Hell said...

I'm going to miss you lady! I hope I can GTG with you before you leave.

April said...

The Burgh just won't be the same without you.

Emmy said...

you will be greatly missed!! :(

Beth, Dave and Cori said...

I hope Nashville is ready for Seyi! You will all be missed.

jen said...

Sad to see you go! I do know a great children's photographer in Nashville if you ever need a recommendation!

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