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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tag, you're it!

Woohoo! I haven't played tag in years, so I have been tagged by Jen!

So, the criteria was as follows: Name five things that you can't live without. It can't be a person, it has to be something material that actually makes your life easier. It can't be something in general, it must be exact. Also, it can't be the obvious like a cell phone or computer.

1. I am going to being a total copy cat and say DVR as well. When we got Verizon FiOS last year, I had no idea that the extra $5 a month for the DVR would be so life changing. With my weird schedule, I was always missing the really important shows, like America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl and reruns of The Cosby Show. I can DVR an entire marathon of Project Runway or Top Chef on Bravo and get caught up over a weekend.

2. Costco. Anyone who knows me well knows my love for this store. I swear I go there at least once a week and if you go there after 11 am, you can fill up on enough samples to get lunch. Where else can you get 20 oz of soda for $0.59, a riding lawnmower, to-die-for chocolate cake, the best frozen meatballs and a 4 pack of barbecue sauce? This place is my go to for all things in preparation for a party. I have told all of my friends about the crazy inexpensive price of diapers there and they almost don't believe me that you can get over 200 Huggies for under $30. The membership has more than paid for itself in the cost of formula after the Kid weaned. Try their in house brand coffee; it is made by Starbucks and it is killer.

3. Google. It is not a computer, per se, but I think I use this site multiple times a day, whether I am at work looking for medical information or looking up recipes at home. I only wish that I had invented it, so that I could be a billionaire by the time I was 30.

4. GPS and the other goodies on my Jeep. We got all kinds of fun bells and whistles on our new Jeep last year and I *big puffy heart with glitter* them. The GPS has gotten me un-lost from random Pittsburgh neighborhoods (sorry, Michelle) and the Sirius satellite radio is great for road trips, especially the parts of Ohio that seem to only play country music, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that a girl can only hear so much Alan Jackson in a four hour period. I love the Ipod docking station and the plug in outlet that is useful for both breast pumps and Crockpots (I have used it for both). After my last car (a '97 Geo) any vehicle with automatic anything was pretty fancy. Although apparently my Geo is now becoming a prized possession because of the great mileage. That's my ticket to the big leagues, so back off!

5. My library card. I have always loved books and I have periods (like right now) where I get into certain authors and I check out a jillion books. I discovered the interlibrary loan system that borrows books from other libraries and drops them off at your local library. If someone else can do the driving for me, all the better.

6. Whole Foods. I know I am limited to five, but I have to throw in my plug for Whole Foods. I have to hike across town to go there, but we are usually in that neck of the woods at least once a week, since our church is close by. Their hot bar, while overpriced, is where I can convince the Kid to try all manner of healthy and yummy dishes that I don't have to cook myself. I could totally stare at their pastries all day long. Their fruit tarts are amazing. I hope they get one near us soon!

I am tagging Melissa.


jen said...

Oh, this is a good list! I should have put my GPS on my list since I use it ALL the time.
I am a Cosby Show fanatic as well :)

Michelle said...

A big Amen to Costco! Pretty much my whole wedding was made in some way from Costco and now, pretty much my whole life is all things Costco!
p.s. I thought the GPS was dumb until we got lost. I'm a believer:)

K,S,M,L&R M said...

Great list. Oh, how I need to get back to using my library card!!!

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