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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer vacation, part deux

I couldn't resist this adorable picture of the Kid, taken by the Boss's mom, Michelle when their clan came over for an impromptu dinner and splash in our wading pool yesterday. We had an annoying rain-out of our July 4th cookout a few weeks ago, so this was a chance to redeem ourselves and hang out in the backyard. I love summer for the fresh foods, ability to grill outdoors and inviting people over for spur of the moment barbecues.

Over a dinner of ribs, hamburgers, grilled corn and salad we relived the horrors of college applications (remember when we had to fill out applications by paper and actually mail them to your respective colleges) and lamented the evils of video phones (I have watched far too many teenybopper movies with Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical and straight-to-video versions of Bring It On). The we watched the babies (wait, they are now little girls, not babies. Sigh...) devour a pint of blueberries between the two of them. To cap off the evening, both children proceeded to descend into the cranky pants loveliness of tired toddler girls deprived bathtime and hopped up on watered down caffeinated beverages (it was just dilute Earl Grey tea, so don't get you knickers in a twist).

All in all, a good day. After seeing this expression on her face, I can't wait to go on vacation in a few weeks to see what she thinks of a real swimming pool!


Amanda said...

Awww, what a great picture!

K,S,M,L&R M said...

Seyi is absolutely gorgeous.

Emmy said...

she's getting so big!!

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