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Monday, February 25, 2008

Party All the Time (a la Eddie Murphy circa 1983)

Anyone who knows me from med school remembers some of my kick ass parties, including the "Black, White and Red All Over" one and the "Rock the Casbah" themed parties. I fell in love with entertaining and food during med school , probably because I had a little money and even more time on my hands back then. After med school , most of my party planning efforts got channeled into our wedding and a few small dinners since, like cookouts and Thanksgiving. So fast forward to the Kid's first birthday party.

Let me make a disclaimer: I am not one of those people who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a party that the Kid will never remember. If you want examples of people like that, read this article. I have no desire to hire flame throwers, hula dancers or a roasted pig pit for our birthday pseudo-luau. I simply want an excuse to wear a pretty summery dress, drink a mai tai and wear the flowered leis that I missed out on by skipping most frat parties in college.

And I make a killer mai tai...

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