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Friday, January 11, 2008

Playdates in the time of rotavirus (or it was the poopiest of times, it was the pukiest of times)

Rotavirus (aka nasty bugger)
Like those little literary references? If you didn't get it, you need to read yourself some Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Charles Dickens. Anyway, apparently the wintertime is a bad time to try and schedule a playdate. (I use the word playdate loosely, as our children really play more in the vicinity of each other than actually with each other). But I digress.

So for the past month a friend and I had been trying to schedule a lunch with our kids. The day before the original date, I caught the rotavirus gastroenteritis FROM HELL. Who was the vector, you ask? My darling child. We were all so ill that we had to call in reinforcements in the form of my mother, who lives nearby. I call from my sickbed to cancel and then we reschedule for after Christmas and New Year's. Then my friend catches it before the new date and we reschedule again. We finally had a very fun and yummy lunch together while the kids wreaked havoc.

Moral of the story = Kids are little bags of germs and we all need to wash our hands frequently. And good luck making plans during the cold/flu/asthma /gastroenteritis season!

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