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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

West Elm Rug for the Nursery, the Reveal

So you may be happy to hear that after almost a year and trying to blog inconsistently from my iPad and iPhone and my husband's desktop, I finally have a functioning laptop from which to blog again. We finally tuned up my old laptop which had fallen victim to the crappy OS of Windows Vista. It is almost as good as new. Not as good as a brand new MacBook air or MacBook Pro, but hey, you can't have everything!
So remember how I had been trying to decide what rug I wanted for the nursery? When I went to my local West Elm store, the options I had been considering ended up not being soft enough for a soon to be mobile baby's knees (Zigzag) or not very thick (Andalusia) or the wrong color gray (Safari and Swirl). While there, I ran across another rug that I hadn't noticed online, the Lourdes Sanchez Bull's Eye Rug

I got it on sale a few weeks ago and I am pleased with the quality and softness. And I like the high contrast sunburst pattern that is easy for young babies to see. Now that the Dude is rolling over, having a nice soft clean surface is essential. 

Another (and I think final) nursery update is this name display idea that I am sure was subliminally inspired from something on Pinterest.

The pictures are from The Land of Nod website and I got them from a friend who was cleaning out some things from her home and wanted to pass them along. This is my type of recycling! I just used some twine and cup hooks and clothespins to hang it up above his bookshelf. 

I should be more consistent with blogging now that I have a reliable laptop again. What do you think of the rug? Chime in!

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