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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

West Elm Rug for Nursery

I am still trying to find a rug for the Dude's nursery. It was one of those things that I never managed to decide on prior to delivery and we got distracted by life afterwards. Since I have just a few weeks left until heading back to work (part time, yay!) I really need to take advantage of being home and having these precious few days off. If you don't remember, here is what the nursery looks like. Gray and white with pops of yellow.

 Here is our West Elm Martini table that I use to hold extra burp cloths or water when nursing. I love West Elm (a division of Pottery Barn) for their modern furniture that mixes midcentury modern asthetics with global influences. Check out my sister's feature on their blog!

I love West Elm and they have classic floor coverings. I know some people aren't a fan of rugs on top of carpet, but I think it can be done successfully if the scale, pattern and weight of the carpet is right.

I am debating between these options.

 West Elm Andalusia Rug
 West Elm Safari Rug (this may be a little to feminine...)
 West Elm Swirl Rug

 West Elm Zigzag Rug

I would like to veer towards something masculine and will hopefully translate to an older child's bedroom. Chime in with which one you would pick!

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