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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hanna Andersson Love

I love Hanna Andersson clothes, but usually depend on the grandparents' generosity, since they live near a brick and mortar store in Chicago. HA is one of the few children's clothing lines that has appropriately modest clothing for girls. My pet peeve about other companies is that for a tall child, most dresses and shorts that are obscenely short. Would it kill you, Target and Old Navy, to make shorts with more than a 2-inch inseam?

We also love them because the quality is insane. Most of their everyday clothes are really thick cotton and wear beautifully. I have heard suburban legends of multiple children wearing the same HA dresses for over five years. And they sell them occasionally at Costco. What's not to love?

Here are some of the outfits she received (and please notice how she totally has the fashion blogger pose down):

(pardon the red eye...too lazy to fix it!)
Hanna Andersson pajamas
Lands' End slippers

Hanna Andersson dress

Crewcuts cardigan
Hanna Andersson dress
Target leggings
GapKids ballet flats

As the Kid gets older, I am trying to instill a sense of modesty but with a feminine sensibility and style with her dressing. Hence why I am such a big fan of leggings and cardigans for her. I am not expecting her to wear dresses that make her look like an extra from Big Love. But age appropriate dressing is one of those things you have to be intentional about with girls from a young age or else they end up leaving the house with things like "Juicy" and "Pink" written across their velour-covered backsides. Just saying.

Any tips on age appropriate clothing options for little girls? Chime in!

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