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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bathing Suit Season

There was a time in my life where I actually enjoyed bathing suit shopping. It was a brief period in my early twenties when I still had a six pack and no cellulite. Alas, those days are over. I could work harder at it, but you know... carbs. Red wine. Anyhow, we have been in full-on swimming weather in Nashville for about 3-4 weeks (every single day in the high 90's) and I realized that my twenty-something swim wardrobe was needing a more age appropriate makeover. Read: most of the suits were about 2 sizes too small.

I have officially moved to the dreaded "Mom Zone" of swimsuit requirements: a) It has to be comfortable enough to carry an armload of pool toys (gone are the days of my iPod and a chick-lit novel) and chase small people, b) somewhat more modest than I would have done several years ago and c) forgiving enough to hide those jiggly bits (we all have some body insecurities). But who says you have to sacrifice style for function?

To be sure, I will still hold on to a few of the more modest bikinis that I have for beach vacations, but here is what I recently purchased from Lands' End to wear to our local pool. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to have half of your co-workers, Zumba class and church friends see you in your swimsuit! Sorry, J.Crew, the suits with minimal support (I have had a kid, yo... Throw a sister some underwire, at least!) and even less lining didn't make the cut this year!

First up, a tankini and folder-over boy shorts in Dandelion from Lands' End Canvas. Tankinis often get a bad rap, but let's be honest, most of us have a little something-something that you would like to keep covered up. Unless you like sucking in your belly the entire time you are at the pool. I think a happy color helps keep this from being too boring. And I love boy shorts - preventing wedgie action is key.

I love this ruffle-y Sweetheart tunic and bottom. The little skirt and ruching are cute without being too prim.

And who says the top and bottom have to match? Here is how I am planning on adding some interest to a plain black top with a polka dot set of briefs (for $9.99 - awesome deal!).

 And finally, a one piece halter (my favorite swimsuit neckline) with a sleek little open back.

Lands' End is a great resource for swimwear, especially with their "No Hassles" return policy. What about you? Are you overdue for a swimsuit makeover or have you managed to update your swimwear as your body changes? Do you have any other fail-safe options for swimsuits?

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