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Monday, May 9, 2011

New Home: Garden Tour

Tennessee has been in the full throes of spring for almost two months now and I love the little surprises we have popping up around our new house. Since we bought a short sale, the landscaping was basically ignored for the better part of two years. As a result, when we moved in most of the shrubs and landscaping was completely overgrown. And since we bought in the dead of winter, we had no idea what things would look like once they were properly pruned and blooming.

The backyard before

We hired some guys to trim things back a few weeks ago and it has paid off in spades. Here is what has been blooming recently.

Salvia (of Miley Cyrus fame)

Hostas and my very own hydrangeas 

I have no idea what color the hydrangeas will be. I am looking forward to putting some of those in some arrangements inside. Also, the last time I planted hostas they became a salad smorgasbord for the neighborhood deer, so I am glad these are here for now.

Knockout Roses
We also have some knockout roses along the back of our screened in porch (like everyone else in our neighborhood) that haven't started blooming yet, but they are reportedly very low maintenance, which is right up my alley. 

Ornamental Grasses (which provide a great sound barrier when they are taller and the wind is blowing)

In your part of the country or the world, what greenery are you looking forward to seeing finally bloom? Has spring started or like us, are you experiencing almost summer?

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