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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toddler OOTD: The Kid loves her boots

My daughter is a total ham at home. Everyone thinks she is so well behaved and quiet in public, then you get her home, and the antics start. This is me trying to get her to be serious while taking a picture before school.

Anyway, we got these hot pink cowgirl (don't you dare call them cowboy) boots brand new at a consignment sale this fall and they have already become her favorite footwear.

Crewcuts headband
Children's Place tee and leggings
Gap Kids consignment sale dress
Consignment sale boots

J.Crew headband
Crewcuts tee
Old Navy skirt and tights
Consignment sale boots

Did you have any favorite articles of clothing when you were little? If you have kids, do they have anything that they wear repeatedly?

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