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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nashville Toffee Company ROCKS!

As much as I love food, it can be had to stop me in my tracks when it comes to trying things for new companies. Well the unthinkable happened in my office this week. We got a gift tin of milk chocolate almond toffee from one of the offices that we refer to and I took one bite of the candy and...


It seems appropriate to ask for a cigarette now, but of course I would never advocate that...

Then I took another piece of toffee. Then another and then another. After the sixth piece (no one ever said I had much self-control), I had to step away. I am actually drooling now, thinking about the buttery toffee goodness.

It was amazing. I almost feel as strongly about their toffee as I feel about Sarris chocolate covered pretzels, and that is saying a lot. If you are in Nashville, you can pick up their goodies at these local businesses. If not, you can order from them. Please. Your mouth will thank me, even if your waistline may send me an obscene gesture.

Not a sponsored post. Unless my taste buds and salivary glands count. 

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