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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Black Dress Series: Ann Taylor Short and Sweet

I have to admit that this next dress in the Little Black Dress series doesn't actually fit me at all (especially if I want to breathe). Through the magic of the blogosphere and creative angling, though, you would never know that I would only fit into this dress with prayer and shallow breaths. Anyway, I wanted to give an example of a short dress for those out there who love their legs and want to show them off.

 LOFT (in the pre-Ann Taylor LOFT days)
White House Black Market earrings
TJMaxx clutch 

Closeup of the earrings

With a shorter dress, I would keep the focus very simple. Just chandelier earrings and fun shoes. That's all you need. I think any simple sheath dress would work. Here is a current option for a similar dress from Ann Taylor.

Thoughts? Ideas?

ETA: accidentally deleted and reposted.

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